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Remote control LG65UH770V with Homey

Hi. I am new to Homey and are trying to connect my LG65 UH770V.

The LG WebOs app finds and connects to the TV set. In the Homey app I can only adjust the volume. Nothing else :frowning: What do I do wrong?

The option “LG Connect Apps” on the TV set is turned on. I also have the latest version of WebOS.

PS. I tried the LG Smart TV app, but it doesn’t even find my device. I am not sure if this is the correct app for my TV set?

Thanks for all help :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong… The real power comes to life if you use the flows. The homey app only allows volume. It’s not a remote control replacement, so you have to create flows, with triggers that control your smart tv. This app causes Homey to crash (remaining in a yellow ring) half of the time…

One trigger I made is, when I say “Ok Homey, Playstation”, my tv comes to life, displays the message “GAME TIME” and I have the input switch to the HDMI port of my PS4 which switches on due to that…

Thanks! Much appreciated. It seems like the app is loosing connection with my LG. E.g. The TV-set does not respond when trying to power it up. I have the latest WebOS and it does connects…but then disconnects when running 1-2 flows.