Logitec Harmony hub support

Hi all,

Im thinking about buying a homey, and im looking for an solution to control my LG TV.

I read about harmony hub where lots of people complaining about the fact that it is not working anymore( 2019)

Is this still the case?


I only use it only for activities but that’s working just fine.

Just thought of something.
Some time ago Logitech disabled access through the local API by default, you have to manually enable it yourself.
Maybe that’s what causing the problems for some people?

Same here, works fine. I use activities and 1 device. No problems at all

Oké cool thanks for the replies!

so it is possible to create an activity like “power on TV” where my tv is powered on, my hifi stereo and receiver?

I was referring to the app reviews:

Ofcourse, as long your device is supported by Harmony “or” Homey you can make any flow you want

And there is a wonderful webos app by @MaxvandeLaar to control your lg tv!

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