How Homey fixed the biggest frustration I ever had with Harmony and Google Home

Hi Guys,

I now have the Homey for one week and I really love it. I wanted to share this with you because I think I’m not the only one with this problem.

So, whenever me or someone in the house told my Google Home to play music on my Chromecast, TV would come on and play music. (HDMI CEC) The only problem is, that I have a Logitech Harmony and the activity would not come one. The problem with this is, when I started another activity, the TV would turn off and I needed to start the TV manually again. Very frustrating! So with the following flow, this is finally fixed for me! Super simpel but really helpful for me.


Hello Xeeder,

I also use Harmony Hub (with Utlimate Remote) and since I have it I have random delays when I ask a Harmony Scene via Amazon Echo or Homey (not via Harmony Remote).

Example I ask “Echo, turn on TV”, sometimes it happens directly, sometimes 2 minutes after I asked, sometimes, 30 seconds after I asked,…

I thought it was a problem with Echo->Hub but the problem is still the same with Homey.

Have you got that problem too ?


I don’t have that problem. Did you try resetting your harmony hub? I have a Logitech Harmony Elite.

That’s great! Would like to do the same.
Unfortunatly detecting the change in input can only be done with the Onkyo app :frowning:

I have a Sony STR-DN1080 attached to the Harmony HUB. The only thing Homey can detect is power on/off.

If you have suggestions on how to detect input switches on the Sony receiver, I am happy to hear that :slight_smile: :+1:

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