Soundbar HW-N950 weird behavior

I have installed the Harmony app on Homey and added my Soundbar Samsung HW.N950 with the Samsung WAM app on Homey.
I created several flows with the soundbar because I always have issues with the input of the soundbar when choosing an activity with the remote.
Now with homey I can make a flow that when an Harmony activity is started the soundbar goes to the right input and that worked fine for as far as I have seen so far.

The behavior is really weird in my opinion. Yesterday evening I had two times that another activity was started without our doing. We didn’t touch a thing at these two moments.
Later that evening when I went to bed I powered off all my devices including my soundbar.
The soundbar went from that moment constantly on and off and I had no idea why. It stopped doing that after I disconnected the power plug from the Homey.
So for now I have deleted my soundbar as a device in Homey to prevent this from going on all night but I’m really curious why this happened?

Any ideas?


I found the reason for this strange behavior.
I select the Harmony activities with my Harmony Companion remote and use the the off button to stop the activity.
What happened here was that the soundbar was physically off but in my Home room the sounbar was on and was it doing these strange things I could not explain at that moment.
After I set the soundbar in the Homey room to off al these strange things were gone. This button just don’t notice the on or off position of the soundbar. So I just leave it off and it does the things I need it to do and that is setting the soundbar to right input and that works fine.