Samsung SA-CT80 Soundbar

Hey all!

I have a soundbar (Samsung SA-CT80) with a remote control. What I want is turn it on/off and volume up/down. I couldn’t find a proper app. I thought I could learn infrared signals but I could find that either.

Is there a way I can manipulate my soundbar? Or do I have to create my own app?

Thanks in advance!

You could take a look at the harmony or broadlink device, they both have a app to control it with homey.

You mean, they work with Samsung?

Wel thats something you can find out yourself. But harmony almost support everything in tv/audio

Do you mean the Logitech Harmony remote control?


Thanks for the tip but paying €100+ for another device was not part of my plan :slight_smile:

I understand, but you want it connect or not. Can keep complaing that it should work directly and stay frustrated or… your own choise

Or go have a look at the broadlink. Cheaper then the harmony.

I am not complaining, I am looking for a solution. I tried to do it on my own but I couldn’t do it. That’s why Homey has a forum :wink: Homey is a device that is very flexible and has it’s own infrared system, so why buy another device when it’s possible with Homey.

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Thats why i said…

If you read the forum… you already know the ir part sucks big time… so if you want another discussion that it should work… join the several topics about it…and please send your concerns about it directly to athom. And then after a while you figure out that it didnt help.

Or make it easier and go for the options i have given you.

And dont worry i understand the idea its in homey so it should work… sadly it wont and probbley it never gonna work as it should…