[APP][PRO] Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom

Support for wifi / network connected Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom - soundbars.

To check if your speakers can be supported, check the following URLs, with the IP address for your speakers:


or this url:


Use the “Samsung WAM manual” to manually add the device, if autodiscovery of the device does not work for you.

Make sure the soundbar / speaker is turned on when pairing.

App store


Device: Samsung WAM / Samsung WAM manual


  • Turned on
  • Turned off
  • Volume changed


  • Is on


  • Turn on
  • Turn off
  • Toggle
  • Set volume
  • Increase volume
  • Decrease volume
  • Mute
  • Unmute
  • Set input source
  • Play audio url

Supported or not ?

  • HW-H650: not supported (no wifi)
  • HW-H750: supported
  • HW-J650: supported
  • HW-J7500: ?
  • HW-J8500: ?
  • HW-K650:
  • HW-K860: ?
  • HW-K950: supported
  • HW-K960: ?
  • HW-MS560: ?
  • HW-MS650: ?
  • HW-MS6500: ?
  • HW-MS660: ?
  • HW-MS661: ?
  • HW-MS750: ?
  • HW-MS7500: ?
  • HW-MS760: ?
  • HW-MS761: ?
  • HW-N400: ?
  • HW-N850: ?
  • HW-N950: ?
  • HW-N960: supported
  • HW-Q70R: ?
  • HW-Q76R: ?
  • HW-Q800T: ?
  • HW-Q80R: ?
  • HW-Q86R: ?
  • HW-Q90R: supported
  • HW-Q96R: ?
  • HW-R550: ?
  • SPK-WAM350: ?
  • SPK-WAM350: ?
  • SPK-WAM550: ?
  • SPK-WAM551: ?
  • SPK-WAM750: supported
  • SPK-WAM751: ?

Please send me a message if your model is supported.


Please report issues at the issues section on Github.


Use at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any damages caused by using this app.

Only wired and wireless soundbars and speakers are supported.

Release Notes:


  • Fixed missing flows for ‘Samsung WAM manual’ device


  • Change class to speaker
  • Minor bug fix


  • Input sources for more models
  • Support power on / off


  • Devices can be added manually


  • Minor changes to discovery


  • Input sources for more models


  • Minor fixes


  • On/off capability for soundbars than does not support power status


  • First version.

niet in de app store?

No, not yet.

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øke we will wait i hope it wil be soon

Please test:

And you can report any issues here.

the app finds my devices but homey keeps saying the devices are being added

after closing the homey app my devices are in the list.

when i turn off in a flow device then it stays on

Can you press the “Create diagnostics report” - button in Apps -> Samsung… -> Settings ?

I will get a log and might see what the issue is.

done c83340f4-6f07-4bc6-b09c-019e002523f1

Which devices are supported? Is there a special type number for Samsung WAM?

Don’t have one yet, so can’t test it :joy:

was planning to buy a Samsung HW-MS650 when I saw this topic

New version for test:

This version should have correct input sources for more models.

I installed the app, but it was not able to find my HW-N960. I see it’s not in the supported devices list but I tried anyway. I was hoping the app was somehow generic. Do you have any plans for adding this device?

Can you please press the “create diagnostics report”, and I will get a log … and might fix the issue :slight_smile:

Done c446177d-ad1f-497b-8638-b86b4a641603

Is it possible to add bluetooth devices? I have a Samsung HW-N650 and would love to use it.

Kind regards Rob

Only wired Ethernet or Wifi is supported now.

New version for test, v. 0.9.6. With this version you can manually add the device by selecting the model, entering the IP address and selecting the port number.

Please test :slight_smile:

New version in test, v. 0.9.7.

This version has support for turning on / off, and should have correct input sources for more models.