Samsung Multiroom speaker

I have a Samsung soundbar that uses the Samsung Multiroom app to listen to radio or Spotify. There is no Homekit support for it.

I would like to add the speaker to Homey.

There are projects on Github that link the Samsung multiroom speakers to Homeassistant so I think this could be ported to Homey without to much work.

My question: Are there developers that can point me in the direction of tools required to make an App for Homey or would like to help me with the development?

Information I found about how the speaker works:

I would be happy to start building an app for Homey if someone can tell me where to start :slight_smile:

it works with spotify

I have started on making an app for it here
Still in early beta

As I sold my samsung multiroom, I will no longer develop it. So if anyone want to continue the work, let me know.