Naim + Stream music to multiple speakers from different manufactures


I am going to buy speakers for my new apartment and would need some help to make sure that they will work with Homey and my needs.

My first alternative are to buy a Naim Mu-So 2 for the TV and music in the living room. The Naim Mu-So 2 has Spotify Connect and Airplay, but you can also connect a Google Chromecast to it. For the other rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, guest room and bathrooms I am thinking Google Home Nest & Minis.

My questions are:

  • Do I need a Chromecast to be able to add the Naim device to Homey?
  • Can I stream the same music to all speakers (Naim + Google speakers)?
  • Can I build automation flows and play music to all speakers based on actions?

All the best,

If it has a build-in Chromecast, no. You can add a new Chromecast device and select the Naim.

Yes, they’re all Chromecast devices to Homey; you can even group all of them. Or group a selection.


Thank you for the answer Peter!

One other question. Is it possible to stream music through Spotify to a mix of speakers from Sonos and Google Home? I assume you can group them in the same way but would great to know it works to 100%.

YW, Fredrik,

As far as I know you can play Spotify to 1 Spotify Connect enabled device at a time.
But I only have one, so I can’t test

I can’t play Spotify to Chromecast devices direct from Homey.

These are the possibilities for my Spotify Connect enabled receiver: