[APP][Pro] WiiM - Multiroom Audio Player (v1.0.1)

Redefining Home Audio: Affordable, Innovative, Hi-Res Sound

This app is a frontend for controlling the WiiM Player with Homey smart home

WiiM unveils a new era of home audio – an ultimate wireless sound system that paints your home with stunning sound, room by room, through a whole-house WiFi network.

Supported Player

  • WiiM Mini > supported - untested

  • WiiM Pro > supported

  • WiiM Pro Plus > supported

  • WiiM Amp > supported - untested

  • WiiM Ultra > (Announced for Q2)

  • WiiM Wake-up Light > not supported


:small_blue_diamond: Each player must have a fixed/static IP address.

:small_blue_diamond: Self-signed certificates are not supported

:small_blue_diamond: Community first: Diagnostic-Reports which are not requested by me will be deleted automatically

:small_blue_diamond: Forum-Topic: Since I don’t have a crystal ball, please give me the following information so that I can analyze the problem more precisely.

  • App version:
  • Homey model:
  • Homey version:
  • WiiM Player:
  • WiiM Player Version:



Special thanks to all for the help in testing the new version.


Use at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any damages caused by using this app.


Copyright 2024, 2024 cFlat-inc.org, Chris Gross

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v1.0.0 is now live :

  • Initial release

v1.0.1 is now live :

  • some fixes

Did you know: let your Homey speak…

If you activate the Chromecast buildIn receiver via the WiiM Home app on the individual WiiM players, your Homey can speak to you via the Soundboard app and the Cast a text to Google (TTS) app.

Important for all those who use AirPlay Cast: (Audio Output > AirPlay)


So please don’t kill the person who delivered it…


WiiM had an insight and offers a workaround.

Yes, please send us a feedback ticket or let us have your MAC address so we can whitelist your device. Thanks!

Afterwards you will receive a new FW, in which the AirPlay Cast function is available again .:partying_face:.

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Very interested as I can no longer stream to my Sonos. How do we get the FW workaround?

Hi Robert

This is described above.

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Thanks @ChrisG this Thread was the most helpful. Airplay restored after white listing.

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