Is there any way to control this Tv from Homey, I can’t find anything

apple Home kit seems to work but nothing on homey that I can find

PS: New to this

I presume you know that you have to install an app for every brand of device you want to control via homey.
Having that said, you can try installing the webos app from athom
install webos plus from @MaxvandeLaar which works a lot better, but has to be installed via CLI.
Search this forum for “webos better” or “CLI“ to find the answers needed to do the second option.

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Yes I know :wink:

I looked at the webos app from athom and that is for webOS 2 & webOS 3
my tv has 4.xx something and it doesn’t work.

i will check webos plus from @MaxvandeLaar, thanks for the tip.


If you need any help, just let me know; always happy to help.

I have only tv’s with webos 3.x so I am very curious if it works for you. I haven’t received any feedback it wasn’t working for someone yet.


just tried and I get this this errors, app found both of my LG tvs

@aiidDaH thanks for trying it out. Not a huge issue. Check this issue https://github.com/MaxvandeLaar/homey-webos-plus/issues/4

fixed, works like charm

many thx to you @MaxvandeLaar

Good to hear. Keep track of the other forum topic to get notifications on updates.