Wake on LAN question

Can anybody help me with this? I have a lg OLED TV 2019. The webos is bad for TV wake up. So I downloaded wake on lan. Now the problem is the TV won’t wake up…

What did I tried?

Search the forums… nothing…

Downloaded the wol app on my android phone, I could turn the tv on and off…

What did I do wrong ?

My Asus ROG Notebook on wired LAN connection won’t wake up from standby or shutdown either with wake -On-lan Homey app.

If your TV is not listening for wol packages then the effort is vain. First do it over your laptop or mobile and some wol app. If you can do it over mobile you will be able over homey.

Wol is not always easy to setup on the receiving end.

don’t you have an other device connected to your TV and let that turn on/off the TV by CEC through HDMI?
I have a Philips TV with no api, and i can still turn it on/off with CEC through the Sonos Beam and the Homey Sonos app.