Wake on LAN app configuration help

Hey Guys
Installed the Wake up on LAN app but having trouble finding how to configure it - Wake-on-LAN – The app says -Add devices in Homey’s LAN network – But not sure where that is – had a look around but can’t find it - sure its simple and I’m overlooking something – any help would be great thanks

Add a new Homey device (Homey app > devices tab > + symbol).

Thanks - I knew it would be simple - never thought to add a device - thought it had to be configured in the app - still learning what Homey can do in this short time i’ve had it

Configured the app and it works great - Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - is there a way of maybe having a confirmation box come up when pressing the button incase it’s pressed accidently - maybe have to have another app to do this

Maybe you then need an app for the device that you just have turned on and that app can give you an confirmation that the device is turned on.
Or you can add a powerplug that can measure power. If power has changed and is greater than X, then you know the device is on.