Control Windows PC with homey

Hello people:
I have a homey pro and a mini pc

Now I want when I push the Philips smart button that mine pc goes on or of depends on which state he stands.
So i wanna start or stop mine pc with wake on lan.

With which program can I manage that.

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe: Wake on LAN App for Homey | Homey (wild guess :thinking:)

and (personally do not use it) but you can look into: Desktop Device App for Homey | Homey

Hello @Xallias ,
nothing against wake on LAN, if it works.
I just think, if you set up the mini PC to “boot on power-up”, you can do it with any socket or energy actor, which you can control via your Homey Pro.
I did not do bios setting recently, but I guess there is still this option.

hello Hielke;
Thanks for replying.
I feel a little bit stupid now I have search for something like that, but the only app I found was not working with homey pro.

Iam gonna try this tonight

Thanks again

Ok i have done this.
I filled in everything the Mac adres I but it doesn’t work.
Is there a workaround for it.

Make sure your computer actually supports WOL, and that it’s enabled.

workaround is to put it on yourself :slight_smile: or check if your Bios supports 'on with power" If so you can use a smart socket