Compatibility of Devolo Shutter controls and/or recommendation for replacement

I operate seven Devolo (indoor) shutter controls. Given the Devolo app does not support them I activated them via Homey as a generic z-wave switch. It kind of works, but given a switch does not distinguish between up and down or % of being shutting down, it is kind of clumsy and not flawless e.g. in case a shutter is operating in the meantime manually.

Two questions: is there another App that might work for Devolo shutter controls (I heard that Devolo uses a third party product, but forgot the manufacturer)?

If not, what other shutter controls can you recommend? I am thinking of replacing them by Qubino.

First of all you can ask the app developer, in this case Athom itself, if they are willing to include these devices. However, there is no guarantee and no timetable.

Haven’t heard of it yet, but have you tried to integrate the Devolo RS with the Qubino app? Because they look very similar:

(Devolo RS)

(Qubino Flush Shutter)

Even if the Devolo RS are labeled Qubino FS, it’s usually the case that they use their own manufacturer and device ID and therefore don’t work with the Qubino app.
But as we say in Germany: Only the trial makes wise (Nur der Versuch macht klug)… :wink:

Why not? According Qubino homepage the FS is fully compatible (link). You can also check the corresponding forum topic to inform yourself whether there are any problems.

I tried using the Qubino App to pair with the Devolo shutters, was very enthusiastic when the first green tick mark appeared and disillusioned when at the end of the pairing the device was relegated to a “generic z-wave device”, which is what I had. So I will ask Athom whether they can’t tweak the Devolo App (I did some months ago, but got a very generic response) or bite the bullet and replace the Devolo shutter controls by Qubino ones, although as you suggest rightly so, they may be largely identical.

The first green tick only means that the device has been removed (excluded) from the old system. This procedure works with any Z-Wave device, even if it is not compatible with Homey.
If the Devolo RS is really a Qubino FS, then you can also ask Qubino to add the Devolo RS. Maybe it is a chance.

good idea, I contacted Qubino this morning. Let’s see what happens.