How to connect Devolo smoke detectors?

I managed to move nearly all my various Devolo sensors and devices over to Homey except the smoke detectors. The general Homey Z-Wave app does not provide a solution here either. Does anyone know a way how to detect the Develop smoke detectors, maybe through another compatible device of another vendor?
Thanks in advance for any hint…

As it seems in the App Store, the smoke detectors are not supported by the Devolo app.
I don’t know if the Devolo smoke detectors are sold under a different name. If so, you could possibly try the other manufacturer’s app. But the chances are rather small.

Contact the app developer and ask them to for adding the smoke detectors.
You can also try to include the smoke detectors as “Generic Z-Wave Device” (Devices → + → New Device → Homey → Z-Wave). But then you have to check if the smoke detectors will work then.

They are not part of the Devolo app, which is precisely my issue. And unfortunately the generic Z-Wave Device app turns it into something unrecognisable, which does not work. So I was hoping that the Devolo smoke detector may be compatible with a device on another app that someone can point me at.

The problem is, that every Z-Wave device has its own zw_manufacturer_id and zw_product_id (you can find them in Developer Tools → Devices). And these IDs must be included in the app’s code in order to recognize the device and give it properties and functions.