Charging EV with Advanced Flows

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you the result I achieved in charging my EV (electric vehicles) with my solar panels, using Homey as a management box and Advanced Flows. This way of doing things allows you to save the purchase of a specific management device which usually costs between € 500.- and 1000.-, and which in most cases never pays for itself. The method presented here goes a little further than simply charging when there is enough sun, and stopping everything when there is not enough. The goal was to vary the charging amperage according to the available current. This Topic is an evolution of the Topic I had already written on the subject with Standard Flows. These flows work perfectly well and I have been charging two EVs only with my solar panels since late February 2022. Feel free to ask me any questions if something is not clear.

Calculation Flows

Solar Charge Flows

Night Charge Flows

Manual Charge Flow

STOP Charge Flow