Control of Tesla wall charger current

There may be many flows like this, but i could not find one when searching and thought that it could be ok to share it i someone else want to use somting like it.
This will controll a Tesla charge current based on a max total kW (in my case 9kW, to stay under 10kW total power draw), power price (40% above avg this day) and a lower battery limit of 10% (Will ignore power price, but still stay within 9kW total power).

The price is given in NOK, not EUR (so no, we dont pay 2EUR/kWh in Norway :slight_smile: )

I am also sharing to get feedback and to make it better :slight_smile:

Apps used are:
Tibber Pulse (total power drawn)
Power by the hour
Tesla Smart Charger

Hello and thank you very much for sharing! If you’re interested and in the same idea, I’ve made flows to control a charging station in connection with solar panels, if you have some you may be able to combine some things: Charging EV with Advanced Flows