[APP][Pro] Go-e Charger electric car charger

Great work! Do you know is there braking changes that the old device has to be added again?

New app id and completly rewritten to support multiple devices. You would need to add your charger as a new device.
Also some flow logic changes may be needed, as I didn’t implement exactly the same flow cards.
As it is new app, you can run both apps side by side for the tranformation.


Okey. I understood that this app will have the same app ID than the old one. Maybe better this way.

Considered a while, but since the architecture changes considerably, thought that it best to build it as a new app.

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I’ve added some things to the backlog for further development:

Dear Tapio, thank you very much for your work! Indeed the toggling of the number of phases is possible remotely since the CM-03 version, but it is a function that was not available in the Homey app. It would be really great if it was implemented. Up to now we have had a choice of one or three phases in the charge management of electric vehicles, but if a toggle possibility was available, it would be possible to make such a charge management even more complete and increase the amplitude of the charge power in relation to the sunlight. In short, it would be perfect!

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Anyone with CM-03 (3rd generation) device who could help me check if the device is automatically discoverable on your local lan.

Here is a quick ref how to do it on Windows or mac OS:

Thanks @Picsou621 for the discovery result from a 3rd generation device. It now looks like the renewed app will support all current generations:

  • 1st and 2nd gen with manual IP configuration and V1 API
  • 3rd and 4th gen with automatic discovery configuration and V2 API (no need for V1 API to be enabled).

Now just need to wait fot Athom certification process for the new app which will be with new app id and directly to version 2.0.0 once approved.

  • single phase / all phases toggle is implemented
  • simplified triggers (when) and action (then) flow cards
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Wonderful, I am so looking forward to testing this out, thank you for your amazing work!

Anyone want to do a sanity check on english to dutch translations? Google helps, but not necessarily the best translations.

    "en": "go-e Charger Home+ and Gemini",
    "nl": "go-e Charger Home+ en Gemini"
    "en": "Smart EV Charging from go-e",
    "nl": "Slim EV-opladen van go-e"

          "en": "Charging allowed changed",
          "nl": "Opladen toegestaan gewijzigd"

          "en": "Charging has been allowed or disabled from the charger.",
          "nl": "Opladen is toegestaan ​​of uitgeschakeld vanaf de oplader."

              "en": "Charging allowed",
              "nl": "Laden toegestaan"

          "en": "Charging changed",
          "nl": "Opladen veranderd"

          "en": "A car has started/stopped charging.",
          "nl": "Een auto is begonnen/gestopt met opladen."

              "en": "Charging",
              "nl": "Opladen"

          "en": "Car connection changed",
          "nl": "Autoverbinding gewijzigd"

          "en": "Connection with a car has changed.",
          "nl": "Verbinding met een auto is gewijzigd."

              "en": "Car connected",
              "nl": "Auto aangesloten"

          "en": "Single phase charging changed",
          "nl": "Eenfasig laden gewijzigd"

          "en": "Device has changed between 1-phase or 3-phase charging.",
          "nl": "Toestel is gewisseld tussen 1-fase of 3-fase opladen."

          "en": "Status changed",
          "nl": "Status gewijzigd"

          "en": "Device state has changed.",
          "nl": "Apparaatstatus is gewijzigd."

              "en": "Charger Status",
              "nl": "Laderstatus"

              "en": "Waiting to charge",
              "nl": "Klaarmaken voor laden"

          "en": "Charging !{{is|isn't}} allowed",
          "nl": "!{{Laden !{{is|is niet}} toegestaan"

          "en": "Charging is/isn't allowed.",
          "nl": "Opladen is wel/niet toegestaan."

          "en": "!{{Is|Isn't}} charging",
          "nl": "!{{Bezig|Niet bezig}} met laden}}"

          "en": "Charging is/isn't ongoing.",
          "nl": "Het opladen is/is niet aan de gang."

          "en": "Car !{{is|isn't}} connected",
          "nl": "!{{Auto|Geen auto}} verbonden"

          "en": "A car is/isn't plugged in.",
          "nl": "Een auto is wel/niet aangesloten."

          "en": "Allow charging",
          "nl": "Laden toestaan"

          "en": "Set allow charging to [[enabled]]",
          "nl": "Stel opladen toestaan ​​in op [[enabled]]"

          "en": "Enable or disable charging on the device.",
          "nl": "Schakel opladen op het apparaat in of uit."

              "en": "Charging allowed",
              "nl": "Laden toegestaan"

          "en": "Change current limit to ",
          "nl": "Amperage veranderen naar "

          "en": "Change current limit to [[action_amps]]",
          "nl": "Amperage veranderen naar [[action_amps]]"

          "en": "Change the current limit in ampers for charging.",
          "nl": "Wijzig de stroomlimiet in ampère voor opladen."

              "en": "Current limit in ampers",
              "nl": "Stroomlimiet in ampère"

              "en": "Ampers (A)",
              "nl": "Stroomsterkte (A)"

          "en": "Set single phase charging to [[enabled]]",
          "nl": "Stel enkelfasig laden in op [[enabled]]"

          "en": "Force charger to use single phase for charging.",
          "nl": "Forceer de lader om een ​​enkele fase te gebruiken voor het opladen."

          "en": "Energy Last Session",
          "nl": "Energie laatste sessie"

          "en": "Energy (kWh) delivered during last session. Reset automatically when a car is connected.",
          "nl": "Energie (kWh) geleverd tijdens laatste sessie. Reset automatisch wanneer een auto is aangesloten."

          "en": "Port Temperature",
          "nl": "Poort Temperatuur"

          "en": "The temperature of the charge port.",
          "nl": "De temperatuur van de oplaadpoort."

        "en": "Device Error",
        "nl": "Apparaat fout"

        "en": "Device has reported an error, check the device.",
        "nl": "Apparaat heeft een fout gemeld, controleer het apparaat."

        "en": "Type-2 Cable Amperes",
        "nl": "Type-2 kabelampère"

        "en": "Amperage coding from the connected Type-2 cable.",
        "nl": "Stroomsterkte codering van de aangesloten Type-2 kabel."

        "en": "Current Limit",
        "nl": "Stroom limiet"

        "en": "Current limit in amperes as set by the user.",
        "nl": "Stroomlimiet in ampère zoals ingesteld door de gebruiker."

        "en": "Maximum Current",
        "nl": "Maximaal stroom"

        "en": "Maximum current deliverable by the device.",
        "nl": "Maximale stroom die door het apparaat kan worden geleverd."

        "en": "Charging Allowed",
        "nl": "Laden toegestaan"

        "en": "Charging has been allowed from the device or by the app.",
        "nl": "Opladen is toegestaan ​​vanaf het apparaat of via de app."

        "en": "Is car charging",
        "nl": "Is auto opladen"

        "en": "Is there a car charging?",
        "nl": "Is er een auto aan het opladen?"

        "en": "Is car connected",
        "nl": "Is auto verbonden"

        "en": "Is there a car connected?",
        "nl": "Is er een auto aangesloten?"

        "en": "Supply Current",
        "nl": "Voedingsstroom"

        "en": "Currently delivered current in amperes.",
        "nl": "Momenteel geleverde stroom in ampère."

        "en": "Supply Power",
        "nl": "Stroomtoevoer"

        "en": "Currently delivered power in watts.",
        "nl": "Momenteel geleverd vermogen in watt."

        "en": "Temperature",
        "nl": "Temperatuur"

        "en": "The internal temperature of the device.",
        "nl": "De interne temperatuur van het apparaat."

        "en": "Supply Voltage",
        "nl": "Voedingsspanning"

        "en": "Currently delivered voltage in volts.",
        "nl": "Momenteel geleverde spanning in volt."

        "en": "Total Energy",
        "nl": "Totaal Energie"

        "en": "Total energy since counter was reset on the device.",
        "nl": "Totale energie sinds de teller op het apparaat is gereset."

        "en": "Single Phase Charging",
        "nl": "Eenfase opladen"

        "en": "Force single phase charging.",
        "nl": "Forceer enkelfasig opladen."

        "en": "Device Status",
        "nl": "Apparaat status van het apparaat"

        "en": "Status as reported by the device.",
        "nl": "Status van het apparaat."

            "en": "No car connected",
            "nl": "Geen auto verbonden"

            "en": "Charging",
            "nl": "Auto opladen"

            "en": "Waiting to charge",
            "nl": "Klaarmaken voor laden"

            "en": "Charging stopped",
            "nl": "Klaar met laden"

New topic created for SDK3 version

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Review for the new app is been paused by Athom. As it is, they do have a policy of one app per brand.

@Tim_Willemsen has transferred this app to me. I’ll be sorting out the publishing of the new app with Athom next.

I hope to:

  • Deprecate this app and leave it available for the time being
  • Release the new app and leave everyone time to migrate flows

I won’t be migrating this app to SDK3, meaning that this app will not work with Homey Pro 2023. However it will continue to run on your existing setup. You just won’t be able to install new devices with it.

I will inform here also, when the new app is available and you can start testing it in your setup. Should note that not all triggers and conditions are exactly the same and some logic changes may be required in your flows.
There is a few sample advanced flows already visible in the new app topic as posted before ([APP][Pro] Go-e Charger electric car charger - #122 by OH2TH)

If you see already now something that is missing in the new app, please let me know. For example you can’t setup the same with your existing flows.

Update 2022-01-06: Review process is moving forward. I have received some branding advice for the app to be fixed and done so. We should have the new app available soon.
**Latest update: App is live

One note, had to make a quick patch to make “Then…” action cards available to classic flows also.
So if you do not have advanced flows, you may want to check the test version if you are in a hurry :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the information, this is great news :slight_smile:

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Hi Tapio, that’s great.

I’ve had to install the test version of the app, because the V2 doesn’t have any ‘then’-cards (in classic flows) in the live app.

While testing I also noticed that it’s not possible to ‘tap’ the app icon to either allow or disallow charging. This was a feature I used a lot in the old app. Now the icon is always on. Perhaps that’s one to fix.

Best regards,


there you go :wink:

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Dear Tim and Tapio, after having enjoyed the function of Tim’s app for several years the transition to the new app was flawless. Thanks for bit of you, Guus

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@OH2TH this concerns the ‘onoff’ capability (a special capability) with the uiQuickAction option.

Went live today and that is now fixed.

Did a fix for that, and it is now in test.

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Just a reminder here also, that anyone still using he old app for Go-e Chargers should install the new app

Now that summer is here and the temperatures are rising, I am seeing some crashing of the old app when the device internal temperature exceeds 50C. This issue is fixed in the new app.

So remaining users go ahead and click above to install the new app and configure your flows to use it instead.


Hi @OH2TH , Thanks for great app! Any plans for go-e Controller: PV Surplus Charging, Dynamic Load Balancing & More | go-e ?