Can't connect to Homey cloud


I have my homey for quite a while now, but had problems reconnecting it to wifi a while ago after a power failure and finally gave up. I moved it to a different location with a different AP, and now it can connect again but it also received a new IP (used to be and now it’s I can’t configure the DHCP to always deal out .131 for its MAC address, so I’m stuck with .134. Unfortunately, it also means it cannot connect to the cloud (homey says it’s unconnected and the web app also can’t connect) because athom seems to think that it should still use .131 to contact my homey (saw this using browser devtools). Shouldn’t homey broadcast its new IP to athom?

Yes, it should, and you may have found the reason why so many people so often get a “Homey offline” message. It would be useful to create a support request to Athom with the information you’re posting here, so they finally might be able to fix this long-standing issue.

I was planning to but then I saw that the predicted response time was 3 (!) weeks. But now I will, thanks!