[SOLVED] Athom Cloud Status

Lately my homey has no connection with the Athom Cloud. Reboot doesn’t work always. Nothing has changed in my network.

What can cause this problem?

First thing I would try is a new adapter for Homey of >= 2A if you haven’t tried already.
Secondly I would check to see if the neighbors are flooding the 2.4Ghz channel your wifi is on and try another channel. Third I would try the reconnect procedure for a new WIFI network, even though it isn’t different.

2 months ago I already changed my power adapter, because sometimes I couldnt connect to my Homey in my LAN. This solved this problem.

For the Athom Cloud problem, I will readd the Homey to my WiFi. I have a new router for 3 months or so. Hoping this will solve this issue.

Maybe this helps: logout of Homey and all websites where you logon with your Homey account (the app store, my.homey.app, developer site and so on).
After that logon to Homey again.

Tried everything as you mentioned, but it doesnt work :disappointed:

I think then it is safe to say Wifi probably isn’t the problem. Then the most likely candidate would be a firewall, overly agressive securiy software on your router or stuff like that. Are you using a pihole?

What is a pihole?

A pihole is device that blocks adds and certain internet attacks, if you had one you would probably know :slight_smile: .

So no, I don’t have a pihole :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most of the time when I reboot the Homey, I have a connection with the Athom Cloud, but not for long.

Any suggestions? I have a Asus router.

Does your router have some kind of log you can view? Something seems to reject the cloud connection…

If you do get a connection, then it probably isn’t a firewall. I used to use an Asus router and that worked fine for me, not that that proves anything. Doe Athom have any clues? Maybe they can see why the connection is dropped?

I just created a support ticket with a diagnostic report to see if they can find this problem.

Had similar problem, but observed little bit differently. Just the “Homey page” was blank and keeps loading. Aft some time page and also the app complaining, they can not connect.
Reboot of Homey - the connectivity situation same (no connection). A watchdog device (have a Z-wave lamp, which one switches on, when Homey reboots) switches on. Local network Homey ping - “pongs”. No web/app connectivity.
After some time (~10 minutes) connection restores automatically.

Smells, there was something from “cloud side” (authentication process for example).

PS. If someone talking about neighbor-WiFi, then the closest one is ~30m away and sometimes (not always) i can see his net in scan.
PPS. About outside connectivity during incident - all, which ones i used/tested others than Athom NP. And also no other reboots than Homey during the incident, so my XXhole (not the Pi, but yes, something similar is there) was and is in same condition.

I have been having issues for the past year or so. Lots of messages saying Homey offline, apps crashing - particularly Hue.

I’ve done so many changes (power adapter, uninstall lots of apps, changed wifi channels, etc) - no improvement.

The last couple of days I had changed my Sonosnet channel, and I’ve set up a small TPlink travel router just for Homey and a couple of Harmony hubs to connect to. To say it’s improved would be the understatement of the year - it’s like a whole new hub! So responsive, hardly any timeouts. So pleased!!

Thanks, I tried today changing the WiFi channel from 6 to 1, but unfortunately it doesnt work for me.

Sometimes its connecting automatically to the Athom cloud and a few hours later its disconnected again.

My problem is solved!

I disabled Traffic Analyzer and AiProtection in my Asus router. For 3 days I have a stable connection to the Athom Cloud without any drops.

Before this it was disconnected after checking for update, making backups, installing apps etc.