Athom apps crashes wifi


Ive got a new homey pro and have big issues with Wi-Fi to be stable. Ive done everything that this forum is listing to fix issue. Split Wi-Fi, 2.4 and 5 GHz, turn off all fancy new Wi-Fi functions. Static IP for the unit. New power adapter.
I have to turn of power to the Homey Pro and reboot Wi-Fi for the Homey to connect again.

Ive deleted all Athom developed apps, and they homey pro was working fine for a couples of days. But when I added Fibaro App from homey, the Homey began to loose Wi-Fi connection again.

The same happend with the Philips Hue app from Athom.

Is this a known problem?
Or has the Homey Pro changed/swapped out some of the hardware (because og the pandemics shortage chip)?

A brand new product from 2022 shouldnt need to be rebooted (power off/on) with Wi-Fi reboot 5 times a day…

Hi, Have you found a solution? I have the same problem

That’s a pity to hear. Did y’all inform Athom about this too?