Both my devices are "offline"?

I have two homeys at different locations, I am on vacation and have had contact untill today. Now I can’t reach any of them. I have working wifi in the house.
Any suggestions?

Contact Athom, because their method of determining if your Homey’s are online or not is flawed.

As a workaround, try and see if it works via the web app:

Thanks. Have tried my homey, same result.
How do I get response from Athom, they say there is 3 weeks response time at the moment?

You will get response by email. Probably within 3 weeks.

Maybe ask someone to PtP for Homey?

I had the same effect last week.

  1. I can think of two possible issues. Your internet connect at home does not work (power down or issues with your internet provider). That was not the case with me, I could access other items at home.

  2. Issues at homey - internet drop or too much internet traffic. I think it was something like this as others had the same issue in this forum.

Luckily I got connected again after a quite short time (I guess one hour). So my conclusion is: the best use of Homey Pro is for home automation, not for home remote control. But I think that advice does not help you for the moment. :wink: :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you. A reboot of the home network (remotely) helped, for a while. But now I am shut oit again. Must do some more research when I get home.

Could be WiFi mesh related. If Homey get’s connected to another satellite that has a bad (wireless) connection to the master router this sometimes happens. I had this frequently with my old Velop system. I now have a Netgear system with wired satellites and it almost never happens anymore.

I beleve you are on to something. It appeared after a reboot of the Asus mesh system and disappeared after a reboot of the Homey.