Bosch SmartHome

Dear all,

Is there a particular reason why there is no homey app for the set of Bosch SmartHome devices? Bosch has quite a broad set of devices. I don‘t have any of them, but if they were supported by homey I would definitely consider them.


I guess they mainly use zwave but they seem to be ready for matter as well.

Any reason why they have not been implemented yet?


The most logical reason would be that no one with these devices has the skills to create an app, and/or no one with the skills to create an app has these devices.

That was my assumption, too. But I asked because there might be other reasons/obstacles that hinder the development of an app.

Hi there, I just received my Homey Pro and thought I could easily integrate the 45 devices (thermostats, sensors, smart plugs, etc.) from Bosch that are connected to the Bosch Controller Gen1. To my surprise, there is no third party application support at the moment which is a huge bummer. Is there something in the pipeline or can it somehow be put on the feature wish list?

I‘m waiting for a Bosch-App since 1 year…no progress.

But I’m wondering, why you are surprised……havenˋt you checked compatibility of your devices before you ordered homey?

A solution could be:
Set up Home Assistant on a raspberry, connect the devices and connect HA to homey

Hi Rainer, thanks for the quick reply and proposed workaround. Yes, I indeed forgot to do the compatibility check for Bosch since I was sure this would work :slight_smile: All I checked was the devices that previously wouldn’t work with my current homekit setup. Let’s see if I can get the home assistant solution working. Thanks again! Fritz