Bosch motion sensor


I’m trying to add to Homey a Bosch motion detector RPFR-ZB-SH-EU.
The device is not associated anymore to Bosch smart home.
It flashes yellow
I search in Homey for Bosch and do not find this kind of Bosch device.
I search via Homey for a Zigbee device and do not find it.

What should I try now ?

Unless you know for a fact that the device is supported by Homey (via a specific app), it’s very likely that it isn’t supported.

Thanks Robert

There are no app for that Bosch device type yet.

And I read in Bosch support docs that the communication protocol Zigbee has been modified and then is not standard.

I suppose I’ll have to change, sell theses one and search for other devices that would be compatible with Homey.

I found WiFi Meross plugs that seems to be compatible and cheap.

Now I search for good motion detectors and cameras. Do you have some to advice ?