Bosch-Siemens Home Connect +Homey Pro 2023

I’ve connected my washer and my dryer to Home Connect and that works well. However, when I try to install the Homey app (Bosch-Siemens Home Connect) it seems to be impossible to pair.
Is it anyone having any pairing problems and eventualy have some tips/ideas how to do?

Did you try to restart your Homey and then try to add the devices again?
There are multiple topics of the Home Connect app, did you also use the search funtion? I think you already did, just asking.

That means what exactly?

Please provide more information: [Tip] Problems with Homey?

When I have chosen the Bosch-Siemens Home Connect app and Dryer (or Washer) I’m asked to log in on the manufacturers web page.
After written uid and my psw (singelKey id) I’m being re-routed to Home Connect where I admitt a few rules. So far all is good.
In the next step I can close the page with the homey symbol.
Finally, next page show a spinning wheel which I understand as a symbol for something in progress. However, nothing more happen and the process stop att this step.

Are the Bosch-Siemens devices and Homey on the same WLAN/LAN network?

Yes, TP Link Deco M9+

Den mån 25 mars 2024 11:30Dirk G. (alias @fantross) via Homey Community Forum <> skrev:

Just noticed that a test version of the app is available…

Bosch-Siemens Home Connect | Homey

…but nothing in the changelog refers to your problem. Nevertheless, I would try this version.

What you can also try is to:
– delete the official app and install the test version, instead of installing the test over the official version
– restart the app first and then try to add the devices
– restart Homey (@Mike1233, I guess you meant “restart” and not “reset”, didn’t you?)
– contact the App developer

Thank you! I’ll try the test version!

Den mån 25 mars 2024 13:19Dirk G. (alias @fantross) via Homey Community Forum <> skrev:

Yes, I meant restart. Changed it. :+1:t2: