Bold smart lock

I read spme of the articles on bold integrations with homey. It seems to me distance between the homey pro and the smart lock is the main point of attention since it is a bluetooth signal.

I have 2 bold doorlocks. One situated closeby the homey pro. Works fine. The other is in the shed, too far for bluetooth signal i guess. I get the ‘noperiphral found’ message for this one. However, i added a homey bridge to the homey pro. This bridge is in the range of the second doorlock. And still i get the no peripheral message. Does anybody know if i can make the bridge the antenna for the second doorlock? Just like for 433 mhz devices. Or should i ask ask Homey/Bold?

"The just-connected Homey Bridge will automatically join Homey Pro’s Zigbee and Z-Wave network as powered repeater, strengthening your mesh network of both wireless technologies.

Homey Bridge can also act as a transmitter for your Infrared and 433 MHz devices. You can choose per-device whether to use Homey Pro itself, or one of your Homey Bridges as antenna."

No mention of the Bridge acting as a Bluetooth repeater/extender.

Thank you. I was afraid of that.

in that case having multiple bold doorlocks is not operable from one (homey) app without buying a pretty expensive connect device.

Or maybe a more generic bluetooth mesh device up to the location of the second doorlock. Probably same cost in the end and more risk of interference Do you think that will work?

In theory you would expect that the homey bridge could serve as a satelite for bluetooth too, i will ask homey support. Or do you already know the answer to that?

AFAIK, Bluetooth Mesh is something that all devices involved should explicitly support, and I’m fairly sure that Homey doesn’t, so that wouldn’t work.

The hardware is most likely too limited to be able to act as a Bluetooth satellite. Also, Bluetooth is a much more complicated protocol than IR/RF.