Homey / HomeyPro in combination with Bold Lock

Hello all,

I have a Bold lock without the Bold Connect Box, which is crazy expensive for what it is. If I get a HomeyPro Hub, do I still need this Bold Connect box?

Have you allready looked if there is an app for it?


yes sure there is an app but I thought homey automates smart items…

It was meant that did you search https://homey.app if there is an available app for Home. Which would be
Bold App for Homey | Homey

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Ok, thanks. Yes Homey has a Bold App. I can create a flow in the Homey App but the question is if I need a Bold connect to combine all or can I use the Homey Pro as a hub for the Bold lock.

Until it it clearly stated and explained that a controller is nót required, I would suggest that you should expect to buy a controller. Homey is excellent in integrating bridges and cloud-aps, not in making them redundant. Documentation usually does not mention the requirement for extra bridges. As you can see the app has a tile for a lock and a controller. Also when installing the app it says immediately “device not found”, so that are all indications you need the controller.

@ameritek On this page are 3 options to connect the lock to Homey

That looks great!