Bluetooth scale

Hi all

Want to try to build an app for my bathroom scale which is bluetooth.
But I`m got stuck in how to read it.
And yes, new into this app building, so everything is new to me.

Would there be someone to point me intonthe right directions, thanks :blush:


The question is what did you already try and what type of scale are you using? Fitbit by any chance?

Start by trying to read data off the device from code that’s not running on Homey. For Node.js, a much-used mobile to interact with BLE devices is noble.

That will give you some idea on how BLE works (services, characteristics, reading and writing data, etc) from a JavaScript standpoint.

However, it assumes that you already know which services and characteristics your device supports. If you don’t know that, interfacing with it may prove to be difficult. You can follow this guide on how to query a device for its services and characteristics, but if you don’t know what they do (and they’re not assigned; i.e., custom), you have to somehow interpret what they represent, and how the data is encoded.

More specifically for Homey, certain types of characteristics (NOTIFY) aren’t supported.


Nope, it is a Huawei Body Fat Scale

Hmmmm, looks like it is way out of my skills.
I`ll just use the app for android then :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, appreciated :blush:

If the app is somehow pushing data to the cloud you could try if there is an API for it and use that in the app instead?

Found this, and will try to look into