Is there any weight sensor who connect to homey?

I try to search the forum but did not find anything about it
Anyone know?

No idea…
Withings has a human body scale. But that’s probably not what you’re after.

What use do you have for it?

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My kid in bed…
Dish is full or empty
If someone sit in the living room or the dining table…

I have few idea :slight_smile:

For sleeping and sitting; you could use
Check this app for the possible flowcards:

Yes but…
A. Its expensive… And far as i know, u can use only one with homey and not 2 or more…

And i want about 10 of this :slight_smile:

Did you try looking at the Aqara vibration sensor? It’s not a pressure sensor but there’s plenty of ways to put it to creative uses.

So far the most useful idead i had is to use aqara temp and pressure sensor, but to know the pressure bar i need to put the sensor in sealed vacuum bag with abit of air trapped…

It is even possible to tell how many beers are left in the keg!

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What u use ?

Something like this.

The loadcells are from the scale i bought at the local store for like 5 euro’s.

Not much wireless stuff a available…
This one maybe, € 16,50 & € 3,50 shipping.
A bluetooth scale 150kg max., so you can put your dishwasher on it for instance :wink:
Or 4 of them under the couch stands


how did u connect this to homey ?



Do u have a guide or something? Or u did it yourself?

The guide is in the link ?
And we did this ourselves yes.

Ya, i just hoped u had guide how to connect it directly to homey, i dont use home assistant unfortunately

The board is sending mqtt messages and i receive them with the mqtt client app on Homey, no home assistant here. :wink:

is it complex for newbie ? :smiley:
u happend to have an easy guide ? :nerd_face:

Any new ideas for this? Like a load cell or something? Need a simple way to get gas levels on composite bottles in to homey :joy:

Found one “smart” Bluetooth version, but seems to be little of these things out there