Can someone recommend a weighing scale that links with homey?

as per question


I’m using withings scale and it’s works grate.

Withings in general is Gr8 company with high quality products. From smart watches to scales. Definitely my recommendation also.

nice so basically anything that syncs with the withing app , works with homey?

Wonder if there is something for homey that works with Google fit

I also have the Withings scale. I love it. The connection to Homey does not add much value to me.

you can grab the weight etc and make homey act on that right?

You can use “A weight has been measured”, which contains the weight, and “a heart pulse has been measured” which contains the pulse.

They are connected to the user that you add in Homey. I think you can add multiple users.

oh but it cant store the actual weight as a variable?

You should be able to set a variable using the weight token, when a weight has been measured.

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