Withings weight from another user

I have the Withings app and have added my Withings user. What I don’t understand is that my wife’s weight is also displayed on the Homey, although I have explicitly selected my Wihtings user. I also deleted the device again and added it again with my Withings user. Unfortunately it still didn’t work. Do you have an idea?

Take a look here to your Post in German: Withings Gewicht von anderem Benutzer - #2 by CyberSponk

What version of the app are you using?
I have added me and my wife as separate devices and I only see the relevant information in each.

I’m using version V3.1.1. Now, I deleted the device again and I will try again.

Is your wife a Family-Member on your Account? Health-App on the Phone > Settings > Family-Member.

Same version as me.