Small Wishes for Withings App

App works well.
But todays screens are a bit scattered…

I would love to have all this information grouped by weight, heart, etc. and a bit better displayed if possible. i made a mockup how it could look…

Homey doesn’t have configurable dashboards like that, an app has (almost) no control over how sensor information is being presented.

The only way to get close is if each section was added as a separate device.

This would be a valuable approach for me (instead of Withing User)

As the app is made by Athom you will need to suggest it to them as they don’t visit here.

how ?

You could try or maybe WeeJeWel on slack as he wrote the app.

Would it be possible to read out the co2 and temperature sensor of my withings scale.

It would save the need for a seperate sensor.