Sense Energy Monitor

Has anyone looked into integrating the Sense Energy Monitor: – The Sense Home Energy Monitor

Hi @chaosrain ,
I cannot find the Homey Pro App in that link And I do not find a Sense Energy Monitor App on the Homey homepage.
So does this really relate to the Homey environment or is that just advertisement for something this community is not designed for?

I also could not find a Homey Pro App for this functionality, but I own the linked device so I thought I’d ask in the forums. Do you have some suggestion as to how I could find out about any in-progress app development efforts otherwise?

Am I mistaken for engaging the app development community about whether someone is developing an app, Dirk?

You can use this topic, to see what’s requested already, or queued if you like, or request one yourself

Sorry Adam,
I was too inexact in reading your post and overlooked the word integrating.
So your post is correct, while it might be better placed in the App request as @Peter_Kawa said.
Kind regards

My apologies for not reading the rules. Here’s the link to my App request: