Big problem homey "Heizungsplaner" heating

Hello everyone, since yesterday I have been getting the following error message with my heating plan: none of my heating devices can be set in the group… could not be set. (not_ready) If I manually control the thermostat via Homey, everything works. - I’ve already restarted the network, homey and the Tado Bridge and Shelly. What could be the problem? How can I solve the problem?

Hello, can you please add relevant info to your post, it shouldn’t be a jigsaw puzzle :sweat_smile:

  1. Which Homey model
  2. How is your heating system built?
    2a.why you need Shelly when you’ve a tado bridge?
    2b. you mentioned “the group”… group of what exactly?
    2c. which app do you use for that group?
    2d. which devices are member of the group?
  3. While you mention “tado bridge”: Which tado app (there are two of them) you use?
  4. Add a corresponding flow (screenshot) pls

First thought: why didn’t you restart the tado app


ansd i startet first tado new. but the problem is not only with tado. with shelly TRV too…

Which Homey tado app I meant :wink:

BUT, I missed out on this one, sorry!


And TRV’s of both brands have the same issue?

Then the issue most likely should be with the Heizungsplaner app.

Please post your issue in that topic.
(Maybe a diagnostic report comes in handy as well; create it via app configuration, and provide for your forum name and email address pls):
For next time: You can find this link at the store app page!

The timeline errors are not from tado nor Shelly most probably?

In tuis case, the Heizungsplaner-App tries to set the target temperature of your thermostats. But the thermostats are not ready.
If only one has an error, the. it’s noch reachable.
If all have an error, then in most cases the thermostat app is not running.
Perhaps stopped - or more likely - it happened on Homey restart and the Heizungsplaner-App started before the thermostat apps.