Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

See earlier post in this topic about the situation with Airtags:

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Thank you for clarifying this! :slight_smile: Short answer then is that I jumped on the wrong horse ha ha (I was sure Airtag would work, so I didn’t really check)… Well, any suggestions for best beacon (will only be used for Home/Away presence) in respect to size and price (and battery life)?


Feasycom? Pls search this topic for it.
Seen at Ali’s for around €22

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Thanks Peter, I just bought one from AliExpress, hope the battery time is as promised!

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@Koktail I try your app on my new HP2023 and it don’t work (official 2.3.2 and test 2.3.5 versions) :

I have 2 Nut mini, that works like a charm with 2.3.2 on HP2019
This one is detected when I “add” it to HP2023
but the status is never updated :


Is your Homey 23 firmware higher than xxx.rc.40?

Yes it’s the rc62

Below are the Ble updates in the firmwares, so I suggest you inform Athom also about this issue.


Bluetooth LE

  • Improved stability.
  • Added support for notifications.
  • Added support for disconnect events.



  • Added preliminary support for ManagerBLE.
    Note: BLECharacteristic.subscribeToNotifications is not yet available.
    Note: disconnect events are not yet sent to the app.


  • Improved the Bluetooth Advertisements interval.
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I have exactly the same issue, I connected my 3 beacons (2x tile, 1x Ali-express), using those for years already on Homey Pro 2019 (and 2016), but they won’t get detected at all:

The app does not work like on the HP16 and HP19 because the BLE on the HP23 is not stable yet.


I hope / let’s hope it will not take them this time…2 years or so ?