Be aware that it is not capable to backup and restore the Z-Wave or Zigbee network. It needs an Athom supported solution for that. There could be a workaround, it is also suggested within that thread, but I could not test is.

Its a shame. We are having 2.3.0 now and no backup and restore function yet :thinking:

To me the most annoying thing is that we don’t even know if Athom is still working on this. They used to have a Trello board but it is gone. There is no roadmap anywhere as I know of and asking for it ( is not getting anywhere as well.

It should have been at the 2.1 release but now we are at 2.3 and it’s still not and we have no clue about when or if we can still expect it.

For something that should have been there from the beginning this is very strange. If my Homey dies now without having a backup I will be sooooooo pissed that I will never return to Homey again.


Any news on the backup front?

Only athom knows… so if you contact them and got a answer back, please share it with us :wink:

Also really looking forward to this. Unfortunately the community back-up is not compatible with my Homey’s software version. I’m taking a Homey resuscitation course as we speak, just to be on the safe side :wink:

Asked Athom support yesterday, got the following response today:

We are working on a backup and restore functionality for Homey, however this is still in the works, and will still take our developers some time to finish.

Please note this is of utmost importance to us as well, as this is a missing core functionality, therefore we strive to implement this soon, whilst keeping the quality and importance of a good functioning implementation in mind.

I trust that this answers your question, which is why I am closing your ticket. If you need additional support, please feel free to re-open your ticket by answering this email.

I wish you a great day and a lot of fun with Homey!

I’m shocked this isn’t available. My Homey reset all on its own due to a faulty USB power supply. I now need to reconnect all my devices and recreate all flows from scratch. I somehow assumed this was all stored in the cloud…

Hmmm, sounds like i hear Rutte… :stuck_out_tongue:

If I end up with that I would not install again until a backup/restore function was in place! Tragic and a keep my fingers crossed on every restart, 200 devices and 400 flows!

So due to the lack of an official app and the incredible need i assume you both have already installed and used the excellent Community Backup & Restore for Homey v2 [Alpha Version] from @Dijker?

Dijker did a great job creating that community backup, I tried to use it as an alternative, but could not get it to work. I have all Z-Wave devices, creating a backup of all of those bindings would be the most important part for me and that does not seem to work. When I checked the tool back then it was only going to work with a Athom supported backup and restore mechanism. So for me this is not yet an alternative, for many others it might. But then still…, it’s not an official backup. Where do you get support if after an issue you can’t restore any of it? Will it be checked to work with future version of Homey as well?

I see more and more people using homey as more than a toy with over 200 devices. I’m starting to have more and more as well and it is still working great. But what if Homey dies? I replaced most switches by google mini’s, everything is on voice control. Terrible wife acceptency factor if the rest of the family can’t control lights anymore until I first spend several hours to days reinstalling and configuring everything again.

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I agree it should be dealt with asap by Athom, not in the least while they grow on buyers and sell more internationally.
But on the other hand, you did know (or could have known) this before you decided to get very dependent on it… For me this is a reason to still use my good old Homewizard on some key points, just 2 be sure the waf (and daf as in daughters) factor is maintained even if Homey decides to quit.

For me, @Dijker s solution will save me lots of time rebuilding the flows and their logic because i can read them back. I accepted the fact that i have to add all devices again.

Nope, does not work on later updates

Athom does not sell Homey with a big warning message on the box that it does not have a backup and restore mechanism. I continued to get more dependent on it cause before there was a better roadmap and backup and restore would be one of the first items on the list to implement… but that is taking longer and longer and still has no expected delivery date.

I want to continue home automation, but because of the lack of backup and restore I do keep expanding using only Z-Wave devices that are also supported by alternatives. If Homey dies without the backup I will rebuild it with something else that does have backup and restore.

If Homey ever gets more professional I might expand with different devices / protocols again.

From what I follow backup and restore is just around the corner. Most likely in 3.0…

Where do you get that from? Not in 2, not in 2.1, not even in 2.3… I only have Homey for a couple of weeks, number of flows is quickly going north of 100 and now looking how to get this backed up. Only to find out this core functionality, as it is mentioned by Athom themselves earlier on in this thread, is not available. Not only is it not available, it has apparently been postponed.

I get that the development team has a lot of different things on their plate. But how do you explain prioritizing “share” functionality for flows over having backups? I would have liked to have been in that decision meeting :smile:

This has nothing to do with priorities,
Athom isn’t depend on one developer and other team members and/or expertise finished their also requested features (as long on the list as backup and restore) so these features are released.
Afaik they are still working on backup and restore but e (the community) don’t know where the difficulty is. It is probably complex due to zigbee and zwave and their chips and restoring the keys to have a stabel working network from another controller.
As said, it is not yet available in Homey version 3.1 but it could also be that it will be released in an mobile app update or web-app update and works with already released versions.
It is annoying but we have to be patient.

My first or maybe second post on this forum year and so ago was homey has a lot but doesn’t have backup and granular (per device) authorization that usually all other systems have from initial release.

At that time athom had big priority and focused all its resources (I guess) on V2.0. At that time it was announced around v2.1 B&R should see daylight. Then this got postponed but Athom’s head (Emile) did confirmed multiple time this is soon to be released. I really do think Zigbee and B&R are somewhere here but hard to say when exactly.

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With all due respect for the hard work that is being delivered, Dijker, I fail to see the difficulties involved. Perhaps some enlightenment of the community could help ease the impatience :slight_smile:

The reason I don’t really see the difficulties involved is because I imagine a solution which stores each device as an actual device (with zwave/zigbee/whatever IDs) and as a virtual device (not like in the “virtual devices” thing, but internally in the backup) with a Homey ID and the textual description the user gave.
During restore, if the same actual device IDs are found, they are re-linked to the virtual device. If ask the user what to do:

  • Select another actual device which is not yet linked to a virtual device, e.g. allowing the user to swap a faulty device with another one
  • Keep a virtual device “disabled” until a new actual device can be assigned
  • Remove the virtual device (with possible impact to existing flows)

Perhaps this is an idiotic idea born from naivety and failure to grasp the complexities involved. Which is why some enlightenment would be nice.