Unless you are pro programmer and you not only understand zwave rather have deep knowlage of the internals of the zwave (associations, inclusions, id’s…) + zigbee + all other protocols involved in b&r I don’t think you are competent to draw any conclusion in the complexity.

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It shouldn’t take 18 months to implement a feature like this, regardless of complexity. Besides, Homey isn’t the only HA platform that supports a multitude of protocols, and many of them already offer backup and restore. So it’s not like Athom is navigating uncharted territory here.

Were they not still rewriting the Zigbee and Z-Wave stacks? Thought I’ve read somewhere that they did that already, but they both still seem to have a lot of issues as well. Could be that they first want to rewrite them to something good before implementing backup and restore for it.

Though not having backup implemented from the start does feel like a bit of a amateuristic choice, as well as that it takes this long combined with the complete lack of any roadmap.

Dijker got backup and restore working for a large part, if I’m not mistaking he only cant complete the final bits because his app can’t get the authorisation. If Athom would team up a bit with Dijker that could perhaps solve the issue soon.

I love my Homey, it is by far the most user friendly and most powerful device for domotics I’ve seen so far, but if mine dies and I cannot perform a successful restore I will never return to Homey again.

Totally agree. But as the Dutch saying goes: the best navigation pilots are always yelling from ashore. And unfortunately we have a few (very) bitter ones here.


@David_K I actually am a professional programmer, technical designer and analyst. And I do tend to think of myself as somewhat competent at all of it. I do admit I don’t know the specifics of zwave, zigbee or other similar protocols, but I had thought my proposed solution neatly does away with the complexities of that in order to implement backup & restore very quickly.

I’m saddened you find it necessary to question my competence merely for proposing an idea, when I have even made sure to underline in my earlier message that I am open to some explanation to help me understand the underlying complexities. I hope your response is not typical for the Homey community.

Have a great day.


@JayVee If a proposal is coming from someone like me (technical analyst and consultant) a proposal in programming field would be coming from deep and pure ignorance in the matter like that. This is why I told you if you are not profession programmer (like I am not) we cannot talk about this. Now that you clarified you actually are a pro programmer I think only competent to answer you are really programmers or community members that do know where are the possible pitfalls about B&R in this Zwave, zigbee, Bluetooth, CoCo environment. Have few of them on my mind but most likely they will answer you sooner or later.

P.s. Do not find community to personal. We do not know much about each other (in the beginning) so questions like above I find quite normal.

first: We are not going to post complete email conversations with email addresses an facebook links…
Second, calling that everyone needs to complaint that feature XYZ is needed while it distracts Athom from helping other issues and enrolling what is around the corner is of no use.

Backup will come SOON! Please be patient,

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