Associations and how they work?

Hi all,
i know there are several items / threads on this but I never make it work.
I would like to have a AEOTEC wallmote quad associate with a FIBARO Dimmer 2.
How does this work ? Where do I add / amend the node IDs in the settings ? Each device must understand to which device it has to communicate so I thought adding for example in Group 2 ( switches on/off ) from the sending device ( wallmote ) the ID of the receiving device ( dimmer ). And in group 2 from the dimmer the node ID of the sending device ( wallmote ). This does not work…
Where do i have the error , can somebody help me here ?

thanks !!!

You add id of the receiving side only on the Sender. Receiving side, nothing needed.

Ok I did this but it does not work . Both are secured . Any other special ?

I don’t need any scenes then right ?

Is it possible that the Fibaro dimmer can only send associations and not receive ?

You have to set the Associations in the Wallmate.
Depends what button you want to associate to the dimmer. Just enter the node-ID of the Dimmer in the right group.

Short before you save the changes you have to wake up the Wallmote!

Assoziations works well with the fibaro Dimmer. I use a Keyfob to switch a Fibaro Dimmer through Associations.

It does not work…I guess the settings are not on the wall mote yet as battery shows unavailable as well at the moment. Any other idea?

What does not work? Setting the assiociations or the associations themselfs?

Well I do add in group 2, which is the left upper button the node ID of the dimmer. Click safe. waited for a while and tried to click the left upper button to turn on the light but it does not turn on.

Wake-up the device and THEN click save?

sorry if there was a missunderstanding. Surely I did it this way without sucess…

I have the same problem. With the exact same devices. Cannot make it work. Seems like the settings are never saved properly?

I didn’t dig into this, but I think I got it to work pre 2.0… didn’t file a support ticket yet.

Need to check that I am not doing anything wrong. If there are some kind of mode to put the wallmote in wich doesn’t support association groups?

yes this is my feeling that settings never save…

this is my setup

Few days ago I tried to associate fibaro double switch to fibaro single switch (and vice versa). Association didn’t work. Exactly the same config with two fibaro single switches works. There definitely is something behind saving / not saving properly to some devices.

strange…was this raised to athom?

Have you taken into account that associations that emanate from a switch only work when the connected switch is pressed and not when you switch in the app.

Personally I didn’t report or ask for support as I was testing the very association itself. I thought I’m doing something wrong. But when same thing got functioning on two different devices I realized there got to be something behind it. Unfortunately I already rearranged the previous buggy setup so I cannot contact support…

In my initial post I was refering to single to double switch direction. Then I tried double to single (no multi device in this direction), still didn’t work. I’m quit puzzled what went wrong with the test. Possibly FGS-223 driver?

I now noticed one crazy behavior I didn’t know untill now. I have two FGS-213. First one (sw1) has hard switch connected to it. If I turn on sw1 using association on sw2 and then turn off the same sw1 over hard wire I then need to double tap sw2 to turn sw1 back on. Like sw2 literraly remembers last state it sent to sw1 and does not know that sw1 is now off. I thought single click just send switch to opposite but apparently no.

@Caseda I know you use association on fibaro. Do you have similar experience like I do?

Edit: Looks like back report is needed. On the sw1 group 4 I’ve added sw2.2. On sw2 group 4 I added only I’d of sw1(without multichannel). This way they are both changing the state of each other. For now looks stable.

@Osorkon well now I’m experiencing the fact that you mentioned. In case I switch state from app they end up out of sync and two clicks are needed.

I don’t use associations, i only know how it should work. But yes it is only “one direction” it only sends an on or off signal (or in some cases the dim level), it will not receive the current state back from that device as that device can already be asleep again. (IE: battery motion sensor - motion activates -> Switch On switch, by the time the switch is on and wants to send back another signal, the motion sensor is already fast asleep again).
The receiving device doesn’t know what kind of the device it is getting it from.