Associations and how they work?

I somehow thought FGS-2x3 is sending action “switch pressed” or “alarm on” and then receiving side will decide what to do. I was obviously wrong. :smile: This way it’s inevitable for sending device to be somehow “blind” let’s say and to send off to already off device and similar. Pitty…

Can I pick up this, I really need a n00bs guide.

I want to use an S2 input on a Dimmer 2 to set an association to 4 other dimmer 2s

I see how to set an association, but I just don’t know where to begin. How do I find out what I’m associating to? How to I know which group field to put it in?

Start by reading the manual of the Fibaro Dimmer2, there you can find the association groups and how to use them

I already did that and it really sheds no light

4th Association group is apparently On/Off of S2 but it doesn’t tell me what to put in there, how I find out what I’d to associate it with etc etc??

Okay, I think I’ve got somewhere there, I’ve addee the device IDs that I got from the advanced settings page separated by a comma, but only 3 of my 5 lights are responding (including the device itself)…
Any ideas

Just double checked and “Dimmer 2 in 2nd to 5th group allows to control 8 regular or multichannel devices per an association group”

So I shouldnt have any issue with adding the 5 devices… anyone?? Please?

  • Are all 5 Switches you want to associate to the Fibaro Dimmer 2, also all Fibaro Dimmer 2?
  • Are all devices include Secure?
  • Are the 2 not working Switches maybe out of range?

Thanks for replying!

All are Dimmer 2
All are in range (they’re all in the same box) about 2m from Homey
Presumably all include Secure (they were all added together in the same manner)

If I change the order I can get the other ones to work, but only 3 every time :pensive:

if you turn off homey, then also only 3 devices are switched?

Good question. Just tried and same

It’s Loks like as long the Dimmer 2 is included Secure no Associations are working.
After include the Dimmer 2 Unsecure, everything works fine. I tested it with a Philio Smart Color Button and with Fibaro Motion Sensor. :grinning: