Flow voor dim functie Aeotec wallmote double / quad voor fibaro dimmer 2

Kan iemand me helpen met het maken van een flow voor het dimmen van een lamp die is aangesloten met een Fibaro dimmer 2 d.m.v. een Aeotec wallmote double / quad switch.

Sorry for English.
Why using flows? I would recommend using Assoziations.

please can you explane how to do this?

Open device Settings (Wallmote) advanced Settings. Scroll down to the point where you can find the Associations.

Click on the group which you want to associate with you Fibaro Dimmer. Enter the Node-ID from Fibaro dimmer (see advance Settings Fibaro Dimmer), go back. Wake-up you Wallmote And click at the top right to save the changes.

Here you can see as an example. Setting (Philio Smart Color Button) To control an Aeotec LED Strip (Node-ID 171) with the Smart Color Button using Associations.

oke some questions.
is the 82 in the picture the Node-ID ?
why there is a dot between 1.171 in your picture. (is now number one linked to a device 171)
What is number one?
How the switch know to dim (is one click or swipe up or down ?)


1 is homey and 171 is Smart Button.
In case of the Smart Button I Need an additional Association to homey. In this case “1,171”

See manual of Wallmote

in group 2 i put 118 this is the node of the fibaro dimmer 2.
I try to save but get attached failure message.
what’s wrong?