Philips hue tradri en Fibaro Flow

I’m using some tradfri bulbs on a hue bridge. Those bulbs are switched with a fibaro fgs-222.
Now I’m using a wireless switch to dim the lights. The switch is connected to the input of the fibaro.

The idea is too push the button to turn the bulbs on and off, when you keep pushing the button the bulb needs to dim. So from 100 to 20% en go back to 100.

Is there someone else ho can help me. Making this flow?

I think you might have to look into the parameters of the dimmer.

First you will absolutely need to ensure that the dimmer does not DIM when you hold the button down, this will ruin your smart globes. (not sure if thats possible)

Then the flow becomes easier, a Flow for on Dimmer 2 momentary long press start a timer which dims the light. And a second flow which on Long press released … stops the timer dimming your light.

I use a similar setup, I tried placing hue globes behind a dimmer, but it was just to risky for me. So I replaced the dimmer with a smart switch, when it got annoying with Alexa, I created this app : [APP] < Merge >

Now when I want to turn it on/off it uses the switch by default, but when I want to change the dim/color it uses the globes. (in conjunction in the group app)