Dimmer / switch for 2 light groups

In our kitchen we now have 2 separate lights (halogen) which are switched and dimmed separately with a halogen dimmer (2 round switches in 1 frame which needs to be turned clockwise to switch on and dim up and anti-clockwise to dim and switch of)… just a regular dimmer :slight_smile:

I want to replace both halogen spots with Philips Hue. This way I can connect it to Homey for obvious reasons. Only thing I can’t use anymore is the dimmer. Now I’m looking for a Zwave or Zigbee dimmer/switch which can replace the dimmer I now have. So in 1 frame the option to switch on/of both lights separate and also be able to adjust the brightness (up/down).
I have searched the internet, but have not found a good solution.

Anyone who can help me with a good suggestion?

Just be aware you will not be able to use a HUE light with directly connected dimmer.

If you want to be able to ‘dim’ a hue light - rather then adjust voltage - as you would in a normal globe - you instead need keep the voltage constant and to inform the globe to dim itself.

The alternative is to use a dimmer/switch which is not connected directly to the globe, which when adjusted triggers a flow which adjusts the hue globes brightness. (ie. Smart wireless controller : https://www.fibaro.com/en/products/smart-switches-and-outlets/) or Smart lighting | Philips Hue US

But to answer your question, the standard way is to use a device like fibaro/aeotec dimmer hooked up to momentary button switch. - Which by default will adjust the brightness by holding the button down - and double click to go to 100%.

You may find this useful


Is this what you are looking for?

It seems like a solution
Does it work with Homey flows?
I’m looking for a switch dimmer with 4 buttons. Left 2 buttons for light1 and right 2 buttons for light2.
Top 2 buttons for switching on (one click) and dim up (long press) and bottom 2 buttons off (1 click) and dim down (long press).

I checked several other topics and it appears also to a solution with standard pulse switches and fibaro dimmers in the wall mounting box, but in that case I need 2 fibaro dimmers in one wall mounting box, which will not be possible due to lack of space.

I will focus on Niko, hopefully this will solve my issue

If niko is compatible with Homey, you have 4 buttons for each wallmount box. I suppose you can build them together in 1 double frame. I’m not sure if the niko Hue switches are Homey compatible.



The issue is that I only have on single wallmount box. No option for a double frame :frowning:
As mentioned I’m looking for a four button switch with on/off and dimming functionality. It needs to be able to work through flows, with one click (on/off) and long press (dim up/down)

I couldn’t find Niko (friend of Hue) in the Homey app store. I know I can add it to the Hue bridge, but this is not the way I would like to program it.
So is there another switch/dimmer ??

I have a Niko hue switch and it cannot be used with homey, such a shame.

So I can skip Niko, thnx for the info. Saves me unnecessary thrown away money :+1:

I’m also looking at Remotec and Aeotec wallmote quad button. Anyone experiences with one off these devises in combination with Homey Flows and Hue GU10?
Especially interested in long press option for dimming purposes