Association of Z-wave switch

Guys I need one help in association of FGS-213 switch 2 (group 4) to FGS-223 sub device 1 (Q1).

What I want to achieve: when FGS-213 S2 is pressed to turn on FGS-223 sub device 1. Basically to turn on fibaro double switch 2 when fibaro single switch 2, S2 terminal is pressed.

How I though it will work: FGS-213 id is 13. FGS-223 id is 14. I went to FGS-213 and under group 4 association added 14.1. Unfortunately without success. I then added row parameter to FGS-213 29,1,15, didn’t help either.

Anyone here knows or managed to achieve similar association? Did I understood associations wrong?

I tried same, exactly the same config with two FGS-213, it works just like I thought. It seems FGS-223 is not the best choice for this most likely due to multi device behind it.