Assoziation to Fibaro Double Switch S2

How I can make a Z-Wave Assoziation with an Fibaro Double Switch S2. E.g the Node Is is 94. Homey doesn’t accept 94.2 so always 94 will be saved. But in this case I have an Assoziation with S1?! But need an Assoziation to S2.


S2 uses a different group(s) then s1, I believe there are 2 s1 groups and 2 s2 groups, so just add the node id of the device (94) you want to control in the corresponding group.
See the manual for which group does what.

The .2 is only needed if you want the receiving device’s s2 (endpoint 2) is to be controlled

If the double Switch 2 is the device to be controlled, then the sending device needs to support multi channel sending, if not then indeed the .2 is not possible and is thus a hardware limitation of that device (homey can’t change that)