Combine z-wave devices

I have two Z-wave dimmers (Fibaro Dimmer 2).

When I push the first button on the first dimmer I want the other one to follow. I have therefor associated Group 2 with the second dimmer.

Now I can control the other dimmer with the first dimmer. The problem though is that Homey doesn’t register this.

When I switch on the first dimmer Homey is notified and marks it as “on”. The second dimmer is physically turned on but Homey doesn’t register so it’s marked as “off” in Homey.

How do you normally get around things like this?

Just curious… why associated them together? and not handle it with flows?

I guess they become more “hard wired” together this way. Probably a bit faster? Also, they can cooperate even if Homey is not present for some reason.