Problem with Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223)


I paired Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223) with my Homey. I added a Fibaro ‘Double Switch 2’ with Homey app.

I have connected a double momentary switch and two lamps (Q1 and Q2) to Fibaro. They works fine with wall switches (S1 use Q1 and S2 use Q2). But in Homey there is only one switch (S1) and I can’t operate the second lamp (S2/Q2) in any way. I have tried to make a flow but there is only four cards: ‘Turn on’, ‘Turn off’, ‘Toggle on or off’ and ‘Reset meter values’.

How can I operate the second lamp (Q2) from Homey?

Did you see both devices that are included as part of your double switch 2?

No I didn’t. I didn’t even know that there should be two different devices. But now I reseted the Fibaro and paired it again with my Homey and now there is two separated devices. Thanks for the good tip!

I have noticed sometimes that switch 2 does not react as easily as switch 1. I have a flow that all lights should be turned off, all turn off but not switch 2, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t, anyone have the same experience?