Fibaro Double Switch 2

Hi I have seen similar questions but I couldn’t see an answer. I just paired a Fibaro double switch 2 to the homey app for two light circuits, it paired and I saw two tiles in the homey app. The first tile which I believe is S1 works perfectly, but the second tile does nothing when pressed, there is no relay click at all. is there something more I need to do in the homey app to activate the S2 switch? thanks

No, no setting needs to be made.
Potential problems:
Incorrectly connected
Bug in the app

My Double Switch 2 work perfectly. However, they were included with an older Homey firmware and an older Fibaro app.
With the Fibaro app, I’ve often noticed that some features works flawless when the devices were included with an old app version, but with the release of a new app version and adding the devices again they doesn’t work flawless anymore.

I’ve recently included 2 double switch 2’s and they work flawless with the latest app and Homey version.
So it isn’t an app bug.

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Thx for testing.

Remove and Include it again very close to Homey.