Aqara T1M support?

The Aqara T1M is a new light , is there a homey support for this light already ? or do I need to purchase the aqara hub to get it working?

This is a Matter over Thread enabled light, no app needed, it should work right away. IF you own the Pro 2023 that is.

(Why do I think it uses Thread? b/c they advice a Google Nest Hub, which acts as a Thread border router, and the Pro 2023 as of v10.3.0 can do that as well)

Not sure why Homey Pro 2023 is not in this list ?

Screenshot from 2024-03-07 04-39-21

Did you notice the very small “sticker” on the main photo?


Which suggests it does not use Thread, but Zigbee, and if you want Matter support you need the Aqara hub.

Thnx guys, yes I contacted aqara, and need the aqara hub (for now) matter will be added later. thnx there is no matter code on the product (yet) so not directly working with homey, now I need to order an useless aqara hub for 1 light. :rofl:

Well, I did notice it, Robert, but I took it as a odd Chinese translation😅

So this is another flavour of Matter? Matter over zigbee bridge… ?
Hmmm, what’s next.

:roll_eyes: Great marketing there :laughing:

You can always request for support @ Aqara app topic here,

or add it as Homey generic zigbee device for now.
Downside: while the device consists of 2 light sources, only 1 will be controlable, or maybe both as if it’s one light.
This is because of the basic functionality of the generic zigbee driver.

As a generic device it adds the led ring (not the main light) as switchable, (not controllable in colors) So kinda useless :innocent:

Yeah, that’s of no use then :relieved:

No, it’s the same as Matter with Hue: the devices connect to the bridge using regular Zigbee, and the bridge offers access to the devices from other controllers using Matter.

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I’m not done with this yet :crazy_face: :sweat_smile:
Any clue why they write:
**For Matter, a Matter Controller such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest Hub is required.
Google nest hub acts as a Thread border router?

I guess it’s both a Matter controller and a Thread border router, but Thread isn’t relevant here.

The LED ring is fully controllable (on/off, dimming and changing colors) The Main Light is sadly not controllable.