Aqara switches en Innr schakeldozen interfereren

Ik heb Aqara Wireless Remote Switches en Innr SP 120 schakeldozen. Helaas reageren de Innr schakeldozen op de Aqara switches. Daarmee bedoel ik dat wanneer ik een knop op de switch indruk, de Innr schakeldozen aan of uit gaan. En nee, dat heb ik niet in Homey zo ingeregeld.

Ik vermoed zelf dat de frequentie van de devices elkaar ‘vinden’. Kan dat kloppen, en zo ja, kan ik dit aanpassen? Op deze manier zijn mijn switches onbruikbaar.

I have Aqara Wireless Remote Switches and Innr SP 120 switch boxes. Unfortunately, the Innr switch boxes respond to the Aqara switches. By that I mean that when I press a button on the switch, the Innr switch boxes turn on or off. And no, I didn’t set that up in Homey.

I suspect that the frequency of the devices ‘find’ each other. Can that be correct, and if so, can I change it? This way, my switches are unusable.

Sounds like this is caused by the Aqara switches broadcasting to group 0:

But it depends on which model you have. But if this is the model you have, it’s not likely to be fixable (at least not on Homey).

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Ah, that’s too bad. Indeed, that’s the one we have. The strange thing is that it did work earlier. After I reconnected the devices the problems started and I can’t seem to fix it.

Thanks for the reply!