Aqara FP2, mmWave presence detection on WiFi

I’ve done basic integration for the FP2 between HomeKit and Homey with two local webhooks for every detection zone. The HomeKit automation needs to be converted to a shortcut. It is then possible to access the Homey webhook with an GET request.

In Homey I’ve added a Virtual Device with class Sensor and capability Motion for every detection zone. The status can be changed with a simple flow like this one.


In Switzerland they are available without any problems. I’ll buy you one and give you this one as a gift. You pay the transport costs and make an app. is this a deal? :wink:


That’s a lot of pressure to make it work :grin:
At the moment I have looked at the cloud API and I’m concerned about the call rate limits at 100000 calls per month per developer account.
So I am hoping I can use a local solution.

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home kit is doing local, was thinking it was using some mqtt

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Does this help?
Aqara api?

Just orderd one

IFTTT is working out of the box. I upgraded to Pro and pay monthly plan. I cancel IFTTT when a native FP2 app is released for Homey. So far its working great and the cloud to Homey response is quick.

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Yep, that’s the API i have been looking at. I have created a developer account and setup a project, but I have been waiting a month to be accepted so far. Also that has the 100000 calls / call backs per month limit.


isnt there a possibility to use it local, like with homekit?

If you could get it workin local, i wil be donating 20 as wel! Well worth it!
Im kind of depending on a solution for this sensor to be more than only ‘decorative’ xD

*ive tried installing HA on muliple rpi 3b+ many times. but no luck. probably something to do with the ethernet connection. the cables work fine on hubs, but no ethernet lights will come up with the rpi.

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Just ordered one from Amazon, but delivery is 18th May, so a bit of a wait.


I bought one, and its not all that good. It doesn’t detect my gf when sitting on the couch, and it doesn’t show difference between sitting, standing or laying down. I’ve made a test setup through ifttt. Light gets brighter when on the couch, dimmer when no one is on the couch. Same with the dining table. It works reasonable though there is a to big of a delay through ifttt.

Maybe I havnt set it up correctly enough. Next few days I will be experimenting with location. I prefere having it in a corner so there won’t be any blind spots with the 120°.

Placing it in the corner makes it a bit more difficult to setup a map though.

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For me it is a improvement compared with the normal motion sensor, but it is not flawless. I hope it improves over time. I have two of these FP2 and the location where it’s placed makes a hugh difference.
It would be perfect if he could see if i’m laying down, sitting or standing. So i could dim the light or switch off the tv when laying down. I couldn’t find it in there app sadly enough. So i hope it is a feature coming over time. It would make it even more sense to buy these motion sensor over the regular ones even if it is more expensive.

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Same here - I’ll donate as well . . .

I got my FP2 yesterday, but at the moment I can’t get it to work. It always detects 2 people in the empty room. I have tried the calibration for noise and it identified the ‘2 people’ and puts squares around them, but still stays the empty room is occupied. My FP1 works OK except it detects people in the cloakroom next to the study.
And, yes I did switch off the FP1 before testing the FP2 so it’s not because they are interfering with each other.
I will try it in a different room later to see if is any better just in case it’s faulty.

you can now integrate your aqara account with the fp 2 sensor in de google home app.
The fp 2 sensor is visible in de google home app with all the zones.
Setup routines whit the sensor and include a favoriet homey flow scene.
Routines are triggering but whit a lot of latency time.
( aqara fp2 cloud based )

I had the same problem.
Leave the room and press reset absensce state in the aqara app.
So the fp 2 learns when the room is empty.



it has ghost détection. AWESOME


Be sure you you placed edges in the zone managment where your walls are? It reduce the wave bounching from the walls and thereby giving a fauls possitive person detection.


There is a new firmware update for the FP2 with much improvement. Maybe it solves the multiple person detection when there is only one person.

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Version: 1.1.7_00022023-05-18Version History

What’s New:

  1. Fix the issue of not reporting enter and leave reports when entrance and exits zone is set.
  2. Remove the limit that when there are targets within one meter, do not create other targets.
  3. Optimize the target judgment logic in high sensitivity zones and fix issues where the target cannot be permanently maintained.
  4. After setting up the entrance and exits zone, optimize the target algorithm , fix the problem of targets being taken away within 1 meter near the entrance and exits zone.
  5. Modify the sensitivity logic for the entire zone, fix issues with target waving not being triggered and children not being able to detect.
  6. Add monitoring parameter setting thread to fix situations where parameters cannot be set.
  7. Optimize calculation time to prevent abnormal device restarts.
  8. Add monitoring parameter setting thread to fix situations where parameters cannot be set
  9. Optimize calculation time to prevent abnormal device restarts